Why We Do This

Sanda and Magic

Our vision is a world where big cats thrive in safe environments whether in the wild or in captivity. Big cats are a keystone species for the environments in which they live. As top predators, their role is critical in maintaining diversity and structure within natural environments.

Caring for these rescued animals takes a great deal of energy and resources. We have accepted the responsibility for their lifelong care, so we limit the number of cats we take in. We are aware of what we can do well and do not exceed that limit. Each animal has the best physical, emotional and mental care possible.

The big cats come to sanctuaries for a variety of reasons. Some have been confiscated by the authorities from roadside zoos or other inadequate environments or were animal actors that have outgrown their usefulness. Others need sanctuary because they have been forced from their homes in the wild due to shrinking wildlands and habitat encroachment.

The result is that these magnificent animals end up sick, neglected, abused or abandoned and only the lucky ones are rescued by sanctuaries like Animazonia.