Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the cats come from?

The big cats come to sanctuaries for a variety of reasons. Some have been confiscated by the authorities from roadside zoos or other inadequate environments or were animal actors that have outgrown their usefulness. Others need sanctuary because they have been forced from their homes in the wild due to shrinking wild lands and habitat encroachment. Read the stories of Animazonia's cats.

When will you release them into the wild?

If a big cat can be rehabilitated and released back into the wild, it will go to a licensed rehabilitation facility. When wildlife experts determine that, due to age, lack of hunting skills or other reasons, a cat will not survive if they were released into the wild, they are given a permanent home in a sanctuary like Animazonia. Once a cat comes to Animazonia, our commitment is to provide care for the rest of its life.

What do the cats eat and how much does it cost to feed them?

The total cost of food and supplements per cat averages about $10 per day or $3,600 per year. Each cat at Animazonia is fed a unique, veterinarian-supervised diet of raw meat (beef, chicken and organ meats) and nutritional supplements. Depending on their size and weight, they will usually consume between 3 and 8 pounds of meat per day, augmented with supplements, minerals and vitamins to provide nutrition as close to their natural foods as possible, adapted to their life in confinement.

What other costs are involved in caring for these cats?

The cost of food and supplements is only a small part of the total cost to care for the cats. Maintaining the facilities and the land to house the cats, the electricity to pay for freezers to keep their meat, other utilities, medical treatments and veterinary care cost thousands of dollars each year.

How long do the cats live?

The lifespan for these cats might be 10-15 years in the wild, but cats in captivity can live significantly longer, even as long as 20-25 years.

What qualifies Animazonia as a sanctuary?

Sanctuaries do not buy, sell or breed animals. Our only purpose is to allow these wonderful animals to live out their lives in a healthy and safe environment.