Snakes and Reptiles

Charles and Snake

Over the years, the Animazonia has rescued and provided permanent sanctuary to a number of snakes and other reptiles. Often it's local Animal Care and Control departments who find these animals and bring them to Animazonia. Sometimes the reptiles are well cared for, but many have been abandoned, are malnourished, sic or injured.

Abra, a Burmese python, is an 'ambassador' snake. For many people who have an aversion to snakes or have never touched one, he is the perfect introduction to the magic of snakes. He looks great when he's draped on the shoulders of visitors and often ends up on Facebook or Instagram.

Cleo, a ball python, lived at Animazonia for over 27 years and we estimate that she may have been at least 30 years old when she passed away, quite an accomplishment for any snake. She was another ‘ambassador snake', staying calm and being curious with visitors.

Princess, a Burmese albino python, lived at Animazonia for 15 years. She was extremely friendly, loved her weekly baths and was a good eater. In 2007, she died from a severe respiratory infection, probably compounded by internal parasite infection.

Eve, a Burmese Python, grew to 16-feet and 140 pounds. She was so big that it took at least four volunteers to give her a weekly bath. In the photos below you can get a sense of how large she was.

Pythons are the most numerous of the snakes we're rescued but we're also cared for more exotic ones like the Emerald Tree Boa and the Rainbow Python. A caiman and a pair of water monitors are the most unique reptiles we've rescued.

Serena and Eve Ladies Holding a Snake