Cars for Causes

Donate your used car to Cars for Causes and tell them you are supporting AWF! You get the tax write off. We get the cash!


Use this link to connect to Animazonia will get a percentage of your purchase at no extra cost to you! Go ahead, splurge and support Animazonia's wild animals at the same time!

Can You Help?

  • TIME – Help with gardening, clean up, mailings, research and newsletter articles.
  • MONEY – Sponsor a cat or donate to support our daily expenses.
  • PROJECTS – Seasonal planting, repair cat homes and enclosures.
  • NETWORKING – Bring friends and family to our fundraising tours. Spread the word.
  • SKILLS – Carpentry, plumbing, landscaping input, painting, handyman repairs, photography, irrigation.
  • CONTACTS – Connect us to organizations who donate to animal causes.
  • USEFUL DONATIONS – Trees and plants, catering, garden and power tools, outdoor furniture and spectator benches, vinyl horse fencing, guest housing.
  • FUNDRAISING – Procure unique silent auction and raffle items.
  • GRANT WRITING – Can you help us write grants for additional funding?

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